Practice Areas
Environmental Law, ESG and Impact Investment

FCR Law provides comprehensive advice on legal issues involving ESG and impact investing. Offering legal support in the review, enhancement, and implementation of social, environmental and governance practices.

The firm offers its clients advisory services in all aspects of environmental law starting from due diligence for the installation of new enterprises up to obtaining environmental licenses.

We work with companies in the green economy and impact (forestry business, renewable energy, biodiversity, carbon market, circular economy, among others) as well as entities that support socio-environmental projects

We work on the development of internal inclusion and diversity policies also offering training and advice on internal investigations.

We have a team specialized in carrying out labor due diligence with a focus on identifying risks related to potential human rights violations, crisis management and damage remediation. We also provide advice on labour compliance with a focus on complying with labour standards and building an ethical culture in personnel management.

We also assist companies in structuring their governance, using best practices as references, as well as supporting the operation of governance bodies.

The various areas of the firm are prepared to act transversally and multidisciplinary with the various legal issues related to the ESG agenda and the green and impact economy, supporting foreign investors in structuring their businesses in Brazil.

E | Enviroment

Preparation, review and negotiation of contracts and clauses involving environmental aspects

Advice on the legal aspects of waste and effluent management, surface and groundwater withdrawal, air emissions and noise

Advice on liability for damages to the environment

Legal support in the implementation of activities that generate impacts, aiming at the fulfillment of all procedures required by law

Advice on projects linked to the concept of Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) and Payment for Environmental Services (PES)

Legal orientation regarding new themes in environmental law, such as waste management (reverse logistics of packaging, light bulbs, tires, medicines, and electronics), environmental regularization programs (PRAs), and carbon credit compensation

Expertise in administrative procedures including environmental licensing, defence in cases of environmental violations and negotiation of TACs

Legal advice on sustainable bidding

Acting in ESG and climate litigation disputes


S | Social

Conducting due diligence and conducting internal investigations into human rights violations, crisis management and damage remediation

Advice on labour compliance, with the aim of ensuring compliance with labour standards, health and safety standards, the company’s code of ethics and internal policies and the organisational culture as a whole

Structuring and analysing corporate policies on inclusion and maintaining diversity

Development of preventive strategies in the preparation of internal policies and conduct adjustment plans, training and advice in the recruitment and selection process in order for the company to promote inclusion and diversity

G | Governance

Development of contracts and by-laws, partner/shareholder agreements, policies and internal regulations of the governance bodies

Consultancy for the improvement of best corporate governance practices

Drafting of compliance and business integrity policies and programs

Preventive advice on anticompetitive practices, best practice competition policies, advice on cooperation and integration between competitors, including within associations

Drafting and implementation of privacy policies and LGPD

Impact Investment

Advice on debt structuring, financing and sustainable

Acting in M&A of impact businesses and structuring impact investment vehicles, including venture capital

Diagnosis of tax incentives, tax planning and best practices for tax efficiency for impact businesses

Legal advice on impact investing and green finance


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